Agate Pendant - Dyed
Agate Pendant - Dyed
Agate Pendant - Dyed

Agate Pendant - Dyed

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**Keychains are sold separately from pendants and have their own listing :) Each pendant listing is for the pendant ONLY - pictures with keychains are meant to demonstrate how each pendant will look when on a keychain.


  • Chakra: Crown Chakra
  • Agate is beneficial is rebalancing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.
  • Agate aids in healing its owners eyes, stomach and ulcers. It additionally strengthens blood vessels and helps heal skin disorders.

You will receive an item similar to the one(s) in the representative photo, but it may not be exactly the same. Due to the nature of natural crystals and minerals each item of the same material may vary slightly in appearance. If it is important to you to pick out the exact crystal, consider joining one of my live sales on Instagram! I show each crystal individually and you have the opportunity to claim the specific one that calls to you :)

The product videos are provided to show the different items available within each size option. Listings show videos in the following order: large, medium, then small (and then mini if applicable). 

All items are intuitively selected - please do not request a specific tumble, pendant, etc within the order notes as I can not guarantee that it is still available.